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The ICM is an ex pat from Brighton, England living in Gothenburg, Sweden who goes by the real name of Wayne Lundqvist Ford He is a self confessed Mod who likes to see youngsters coming onto the scene and doing their own thing, he also believes there is no such thing as Mod music, just music that Mods like, he has a pet hate towards X-Factor and similar TV shows, rides a classic Vespa (no lights and mirrors) and loves Jelly Babies and Scotch.

The Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More radio show originally started off as a music blog. After an accident kept the Ice Cream Man away from work for a year and a half, rather than just sit and watch crap daytime TV, he decided to search out new music by new bands who weren't getting any attention from the mainstream radio or media and see if he could go some way to getting these bands out to a wider audience.

On an almost daily basis, he wrote about the bands he found including a sound clip, pictures and links to try to give these bands another platform to reach out to people who were hungry, like himself to discover new bands and sounds. It wasn't too long before the bands started looking for the Ice Cream Man and submitting vinyl, CDs and MP3's to be featured on the blog and it soon got to the point when three or more reviews would be written in a day to keep up with the submissions. On recovering fully from his accident (which wasn't a tussle with an ice cream van) he found that there was not enough time to write about all the bands as before, rather than rest on his laurels, he contacted a radio station in Sweden, where he resides, who offered him a slot and so the radio show was born, doing the same thing as the blog but telling listeners about the bands, labels and gigs.

To keep the audience at peak interest, the Ice Cream Man decided to play the new bands alongside classic Mod, 60's Garage, Motown, Northern Soul, Surf, Punk, Ska and more, favourite music of his and the influence of most of the bands that came via the blog. The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More is now in its 3rd year on the air and as well as being played on Swedish radio (Radio Andra) the show is also aired in the US three times a week out of San Francisco on Pop That Goes Crunch, Hong Kong on Radio Lantau and on UK stations Mod Radio, Identify Radio and WRFN 1025, it is aired every day of the week somewhere!

To celebrate the first year on air, the ICM collated 65 tracks of music from bands featured on the blog and the show and gave it away as a free download to help further promote the bands, this was hailed as "The Nuggets of the 10's" and "The best Power Pop album in the history of the world." Not bad eh!!! You can find the album on the links to the side.

And so the show goes on, 2 further free downloads have been released since the original and there are some smaller ones in the pipeline to further promote the bands from the show. The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is completely non profit and is made purely for the love of music.

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Featuring brand new artists mixed with some old-time classics, The Ice Cream Man – AKA Wayne Lundqvist Ford – presents an hour of Power Pop, Mod, 60s Garage, Motown, Northern Soul, Surf, Punk, Ska… and much more!