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Grew up (not much) in Herefordshire, listening to all the radio greats, Blackburn, Edmonds, DLT, Johnnie Walker, Wogan, Ray Moore and Roger Scott and that wonderful hit line top ten on Capital Radio. Then came the day, when a radiogram got delivered into our home and not having records of my own I delved into my parents old 78’s, and putting the stylus down on “Diana” by Paul Anka and feeling that rush of excitement I discovered a passion that is still as strong now as when I played that first piece of shellac and discovered the love of my life “Music”.

After spending every moment and every penny also to the sad detriment of my education, (and bank balance) I collected 45’s and decided the place for me was in the Studio (as there was no room left in my house due to the massive vinyl collection). Radio Enfield gave me a home and with a short spell broadcasting in America on Radio 911 (your rescue from the radio waste land) I have broadcast on the Radio every week for the last 35 years. (They really must give me the key to get out soon!)

So Now I have made a Bee-Line for Mad Wasp and hope that every week you’ll join me on the web, or smart speaker for “Serendipity”. Each week I will be playing tracks that will bring back some happy memories and facts you’ll find interesting and together we will search for the elusive forgotten 45’s

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Tom Delaney takes us on a search for some of those elusive, forgotten 45s. He'll play some tracks that will (hopefully) bring back some happy memories and supply some (hopefully) interesting song facts.