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The presenter of EMOticon, Sam has been listening to music since his foetus days. After he developed hearing, and a taste for music, he discovered some of his favourite bands and artists on Capital FM (back when they had more than 11 songs on their playlist). Sam’s taste evolved when he started learning drums at the age of 12, and a trio from California USA, by the name of blink-182 (it is a small ‘b’, Mark Hoppus has confirmed this) set him on the road to pop-punk nirvana.

In his early 20s he picked up a red Squier Strat, Sam realised he was better on a drum kit. His first live concert was Blondie, aged 12, that’s cool right? Sam has also performed, as part of his guitar education, at the Mick Jagger Centre, that’s cool too right? Away from music, Sam is a long-suffering Arsenal fan.

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Sam Carpenter brings you the old and new from the world of the pop-punk and emo scenes. Slip into some slim fit black jeans, fasten that studded belt and step into a pair of old stool Vans… it’s time for some Emo-fun. Three chords. No waiting.