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Roy Brown, 49 born and bred in Birmingham. In my past I have been a mobile DJ and knocked about in a few bands. I started radio presenting a couple of years ago. I love Indie music and seek new recordings by new artists from around the world. I have promoters from America, South Africa and Burton On Trent (I know lol) sending me some amazing tracks. I love all types of music and I think that is reflected in the shows I put out there. I love The Ants, Sex Pistols, Wonder Stuff, Dylan & The Beatles but I love anything that floats my boat.

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Roy Brown brings you some classic music, looking back to them good old days but also with a cheeky wink to the future. No genre is overlooked… be it from Adam and the Ants to The Beatles, or the Pistols to the Stones. As someone once said, Tune In, Drop Out.