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pMad is your friendly dark music purveyor but underneath that exterior there is a soft sharing character that loves to see us all get on. From the beauty of the West of Ireland, namely Portumna, Co. Galway, pMad succeeds to excite, thrill, create while living a peacefully normal life really!! You know people that introduce you to new music are very important people!!

When not releasing his own music, he once a week produces a radio show supporting The Best of Irish Indie............ so not all doom and gloom.

Be sure to check out the tunes of pMad to lullaby you into a state self consciousness you never knew you had and if all else fails listen into the exciting music of The Best of Irish Indie, there is something for everyone, find your new fave!!

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The Best of Irish Indie

The Best of Irish Indie hosted by pMad brings you the newest, latest and the classic indie music all the way from Ireland to Mad Wasp Radio listeners all the way around the world. Indie music to me is not about genre anymore, it is about not being heard enough!! Allegedly not mainstream enough, Indie music is even better!! And Irish Indie is right up there!!