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Lita is small but perfectly formed (once) child of the 60s who presents a rather groovy show called Fab to Far Out, featuring the best music from that awesome era. She strongly believae that each decade enriched the one that followed, but there is no doubt the exciting and colourful 60s kicked it all off. She is half-Italian but hasn’t quite worked out which half yet (boom boom!). Music seems to accompany everything she does and she's not sure if there is ever a time when its not playing, either on one of the many speakers around the house, in her car, or in her head. She looks after a team of architects during the day and then goes home to do some proper work looking after a husband, two sons and two cats.

Apart from music her other great passion is football and she has supported Chelsea for nearly 50 years (but please don’t hold that against her). She says making this show "feels to me rather like having my friends over to play records in my bedroom like we used to do when I was young, stacking singles on my little red record player and singing along. Its great that vinyl has made a comeback as there is nothing quite like buying a new album, getting it home, taking it out of its sleeve and putting it on the turntable for the first time. I still play my LP’s and singles from way back when, and that sound as the needle hits the record, scratches and all, is like travelling back in time. My records are like pieces of history and some of them still have stuff written on them such as my name and form from when I took them to parties." Lita Luvs David, Skinheads Forever and I Luv Chelsea. Those were the days…

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Mad Wasp's dedicated 60s show is a complete labour of love for presenter Lita List. She was only a child throughout the decade but grew up listening to her older sister's records and just got hooked! From beginning to end it kept evolving, providing sounds that were new, colourful and exciting. Lita hopes everyone that listens in enjoys hearing the songs as much as she enjoys playing them.