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Letters From Mouse (LFM) is the recording name of Steven Anderson, presenter of The Magic Window. Steven has a history of playing in bands, working for a label and previous stints on the radio. Steven is involved with the independent electronic scene and tends to lean towards anything with a downtempo / warped / IDM flavour.

With The Magic Window the aim is to showcase the material of independent artists and labels and provide a platform for reaching more ears. Submissions are always open but the music played must fit the vibe of the show. If you are sending in a new release then please send as early as possible so we can try and align air play with your release date.

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A weekly delve into the best independent electronica available to humankind. Expect to hear warped and broken melodies, dusty beats and chilled vibes. Regular exclusive sessions, guest mixes and feature shows occur regularly and are not to be missed.