Vinyl Man Jebb

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Vinyl Man Jebb is a 21 year old out of Connecticut who loves music in all forms. He does a podcast called Jebb and Green Cast. He is also a musician with a new album coming in October. He has interviewed artists from all over the globe such as The Lickerish Quartet (Tim Smith, Roger Joesph Manning Jr., and Eric Dover)., The Posies, and Patrice Zappa-Porter (Frank Zappas Sister) amongst others.

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Unlikely Places Pop & Rock Radio

Unlikely Places Pop & Rock Radio hosted by Vinyl Man Jebb is a Power Pop/Rock focused show with a drift from time to time of other genres. Unlikely Places name is based off a song by the same name by the band The Posies. The show will also at times feature some snippets of The Jebb and Green Cast (Jebb’s podcast).