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James hails from Wexford, a small town in the South East corner of Ireland. As a teenager he was told to have his voice trained and, no lion tamers being available, attended the Royal Irish Academy of Music. He spent the 1990s singing and broadcasting in South Africa. After moving to London he had twelve very happy years living and working in the UK. Since returning to Wexford he has given himself over to listening to music every day (which passes for work) and serious beard growing. He still sings but is too lazy for opera. In his show Classical Gas he proves that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music but absolutely no taste!

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Classical Gas

Enter the fascinating world of classical music in the capable hands of James Bierney. Each show is based around a a particular theme, and includes the music of both major and minor composers, as well as exploring various cultures, musical styles, forms and historical backdrops. So, turn up the volume and your imagination – and let the best of the world's most beautiful music brighten your day.