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Little is known about the backgrounds of Jacob and James prior to them meeting after both accidentally gaining employment at a radio station of ill repute some years ago. Rumours of their respective origin stories include – but are not limited to – raised by wolves, raised by sand people, fell to earth, secret lovechild of Neil Morrissey, found on a doorstep, lived with Buddhists up a mountain, married to the old one from Birds of a Feather, worked for the CIA, worked as a Redcoat at Butlins, aided in the capture of the Yorkshire Ripper, once lived on a roundabout for 2 months, etc. Jacob & James went from being music-loving colleagues to firm friends after the conception and launch of Lone Frequencies. The rest, as literally nobody says, is history.

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Conceived on a cold winter’s afternoon in late 2016, Lone Frequencies is all about delving into that DIY, signed & unsigned, independent music scene. As a global and genreless show, Hosts Jacob and James pledge to bring you all the best music that you might not have heard yet, as well as all the quirky chit-chat their fans have come to know and tolerate.