DJ SpaceTerrapin

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DJ SpaceTerrapin, co-founder and resident archivist of Enclosure Three, the irrepressible voice of the Zoological Garden.

Ever struggling against the zoo director, the thrice-cursed ocelots and the bland food in the zoo cantina he still finds time to collect music and books, to take photographs of lost places and to spread sweetness and light, with the help of e.g. Krautrock, Soukous, Brazilian Music, Library Music, Classical Music, New Wave, and of course electronical music. Among others.... Makes a mean curry or stew when asked kindly...the zoo vet is always on stand-by! “Music was his first love. And it will be his last” (to coin a phrase).

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It came from Enclosure Three

A weekly show presenting this- and otherworldly electronica, old and new. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes harsh, depending what floats the spaceship at the very moment. Infused with the weird, the eerie and the nonsensical, this show throws the electronical dots. You’ll connect them.