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Small, middle-aged, Irish crazy cat lady, residing in a ramshackle house, with a large Scotsman and four disdainful felines. When friends with radio shows finally got tired of her constant requests for musical weirdness, they staged an intervention. They said "if you want to play that stuff, why don't you just get your own show and stop torturing us". So she did.

Not wanting to be tied into decades or genres, her show Cabinet of Curiosities works on a weekly theme, and requests are actively encouraged! The show continues to surprise, even her with the tracks that come up – although she's still struggling to find a genuine Tibetan Nose Flute solo. actually she's probably kidding about the Tibetan Nose Flute… unless you know of a track?

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Cabinet of Curiosities

Historically, the powerful and rich liked to gather together all kinds of strange artifacts from around the world, to show off their wealth and education. These items were sometimes genuine archaeological treasures and natural wonders - others, bunkum fakes that would make PT Barnum blush! All these items would be jumbled together in a specially designed cabinet –they were rarely organised in any categories we'd recognise today –their proximity was solely based on how well they went together and if they formed a theme.

So that's the format of Cabinet Of Curiosities. Each week, there will be a subject given. The idea is that you can pick something that you think goes with the theme.