Richard Westney

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Richard Westney brings you the Music Box at the Bottom of the World. London-born Richard relocated to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, in 1997 where he has been busy despising the All Blacks and educating the locals on real music ever since. He’s an HR professional by day, but don’t judge him on that, he’s a bloody good one! A lifelong supporter of Chelsea FC (OK, you can judge him on that), his main claim to fame is once playing drums in the same punk band as the infamous Mad Wasper, David Preston. Still a regular gig goer, Richard draws his inspiration from punk, mod, indie pop and up and coming bands with attitude. He also brews a mean IPA.

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The Music Box At The Bottom Of The World

Expat Brit Richard Westney brews up a tasty blend of classic punk, post punk goodness and indie pop with a sprinkle of New Zealand and Australian hops for extra taste. Coming to you from Wellington, New Zealand.