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The eclectic mix of new music that you will hear on this show reflects Peter’s own taste. Typically, in a single show, you’ll hear some alternative indie, electro pop, rnb, jazz, blues, electronic, world and acoustic folk-inspired tracks.

Peter is old enough to have been a devotee of the great John Peel in the late sixties so, like his radio hero, he concentrates on playing new music by unsigned artists and bands and by those starting out on their careers and building their fanbases. Musicians with talent and integrity who you are likely to see on Jools’s Later TV programme in the next series (or maybe one or two series after that).

Every week, Peter invites music submissions to the show’s social media pages and, by email, to its own website. A proportion of the music on The After Eight Show is chosen by Peter’s son, Mark, and they guarantee that, between them, they will listen to everything that is sent in and play any track that they like. And his stated ambition is that, every week, there will be at least three artists or bands who you will hear for the first time ever on the show and be interested enough in their music to go away and explore it after the show has finished.

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New Music That You Just Don’t Hear Anywhere Else!