Nicky G

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In the late 1950’s, Nicky connected with rock and roll - primarily Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. As a toddler, his mother used to serve him his dinner every day in front of the TV as “American Bandstand” served as his babysitter. Through the show he was exposed to not only rock and roll, but R&B as well. The template was established. Then, around 1964, a strong wind from “across the pond” changed Nicky’s life forever - it was called The British Invasion! It became his “ground zero”.

From that moment on, he became a “sponge”. Almost every waking hour was spent listening to Top 40 radio, absorbing where rock and roll co-existed with R&B and pop music and watching TV shows like “American Bandstand”, “Shindig!”, “Hullaballoo”, “Clay Cole’s Scene ’70”, “The Lloyd Thaxton Show” and “Where The Action Is!”, along with weekly variety shoes like “The Ed Sullivan Show”. Almost every penny he had was spent on records - 45’s in the beginning, eventually graduating to LPs - a habit that continues to this day (but not with every penny)! Ever the “sponge”, he takes great pride sharing his lifelong, curated “collection” and his knowledge with the world!

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Join your host Nicky G as he takes a deep dive into the world of melodic, hook-filled Rock and Pop from the 1960’s right up to today. Both familiar and obscure Power Pop, Soft Pop, Brit Pop, Garage Rock, Sunshine Pop, Mod and even some Psychedelia from around the world are presented on each show. Nothing is out of bounds on “Poptastic Sounds!”, where the focus is always on the music!