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Leicester-born Mark is a train driver based in Cornwall in the UK and is the presenter of both Diamond Lights Express and Champagne Supernova. His spare time is pretty much taken up with doing research for both of his shows, which means he has to constantly listen to music. And as we all know, there are far worse things to be lumbered with than that! (Speaking of which, he has been a long-suffering fan of Tottenham Hotspur FC since 1978) Mark is particularly passionate about songs that failed to reach the UK Top 40, a lot of which you'll hear on both of his shows, and he can often be heard uttering the catchphrase "What Is Wrong With The British Record Buying Public?" which has resulted in him being immortalised in GIF form on Twitter where he can often be found tweeting along to other Mad Wasp Radio shows with a variety of witless waffle!

Mark has appeared on TV quiz show The Chase, where he was agonisingly pipped at the death with 2 seconds to spare by Frosty Knickers in the final chase and denied a big cash prize. But he's not at all bitter about it.....

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A fortnightly retro music show, presented by Mark Taylor, broadcasting on alternate Wednesday evenings, playing pretty much anything from the 70s 80s 90s and 00s including regular features Cheesy Dip, Living In A Box and The Glitterball Lounge. Think sparkly, feelgood, cheesy, upbeat and slightly bonkers and you've got the gist of it! The show also occasionally broadcasts themed special editions, concentrating on one specific genre of music for each show.

Requests are very welcome and can be made on Twitter (@diamondlightsxp), Facebook or email (

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A 60 minute show, broadcasting every Thursday evening, presented by Mark Taylor, that plays all things Indie/Britpop/Alternative. There is also a track from a new/unsigned artist on every show as well as a featured album of the week. The show has now broadcast over 100 editions and has built up a loyal following of listeners, not bad for a show that started out as a test project for new mic that Mark got for Christmas in 2018!!

Requests are very welcome, either via Twitter (@csupernovashow), Facebook or email ( New music submissions are also very welcome too!