Kev G

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Kev is, quite literally, the big man with the big tunes, and a more enthusiastic champion of bedroom producers, unsigned electronic artists and small indie labels would be hard to find. During the past 4 years Kev’s been mining the deep seams of Bandcamp and Soundcloud, sharing his exciting electronic music discoveries with Homebrew Electronica Podcast listeners, and is now absolutely ….erm …. buzzing ….. to be bringing this great ‘indie Electronica’ brew to Mad Wasp Radio.

With his trademark trilby hat, he can sometimes be spotted lurking in the shadows at electronic music open mic nights. Camera phone in hand, he’ll be ready to pounce and grab a selfie with any unsuspecting artist that can’t run away fast enough!

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Homebrew Electronica Show

The best under the radar electronica from home producers, unsigned artists and indie labels. Proud supporter of the emom (electronic music open mic) grassroots music movement. Get ready for ‘Homebrew bangers’ a-plenty and a mad mix spanning all genres of electronic music, from across the UK and beyond. It’s the best music you’ve never heard, hosted by Mr ‘Indie Electronica’ himself, Kev G.