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Your favorite weirdo, Emmett "Mouse" Davenport. Sure, old enough to know better, but she's never let that stop her before.
With the resilience of a shark and swinging fists that would send any pugilist crying for their momma, Emmett "Mouse" Davenport is a high-spirited cross between a glitzy Jazz Age flapper and an in-your-face punk rocker. They're equally comfortable spending a weekend in a quiet place reading 19th century literature or guzzling down multiple pints of Guinness in the parking lot outside a club, smashing stuff. They spin an eclectic mix of goth, industrial, electronic, punk, indie, soul, funk, new wave, neo-vintage, and some good old fashioned favorites.

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Dracula's Child

An assortment of dark, gothic & not so spooky music! Won't you join us and listen to the music of the night?

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The Clockwork Cabaret

A weekly show hosted by your favourite weird aunties and professional ladies, Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop, aka That Darling DJ Duo. Sure, they’re old enough to know better, but they’ve never let that stop them before. They’ve got a wide assortment of music, vintage cocktails, weird history, geekery, horrible accents, and fake holidays they’d like to share. Remember, here at the Clockwork Cabaret, it’s not work we do, it’s LOVE.