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Dammit Records is a DIY punk label, established in early 2021 by Nick and John, two people who probably should know better…. but did it anyway. Between them, they have over eighty year’s experience, be it playing in bands or jumping in the mosh-pit, but in recent years they realised it was becoming more difficult for unsigned or unknown bands to get the recognition they deserved. So, Dammit Records was born.

Cd’s, Downloads, podcasts and subscription services as well as offering full recording, mixing and mastering… they offer the lot. Don’t dream it, Do it is the labels motto…………. And they certainly live by their motto.

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Dammit Records Podcast is published by Dammit Records, hosted by the record label’s owners Nick and John. On the show they feature new and previous releases from bands on the label from around the world as well as guest reviews, band interviews and updates on what their fastest growing label are doing.

A show of no holds barred chat, occasional explicit language and of course, excellent punk music.