Mad Wasp Radio

The station with a sting in its tail!

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Our deepest gratitude to the following people who have been kind enough to donate some money and time towards the start-up and day-to-day running of Mad Wasp Radio:

Steven Anderson
Amanda Austin
William Barlow
Paul Berry
Paul Carter
Ed Cave
Nicko Coode
Stefan Drapan
Andrea Frank
Bernard Friedman
Tony Garton
Nigel Gardner
Richard Gibson
Matt Gilbert
Danny Gray
Leah Harlow
John Henery
Dorothy Hurley
John Hunt
Andy Jossi
Geoffrey Judge
Richard Kane
Lisa Knight
Lorraine Lancaster
Christine Lane
Andre Leon
Barbara McDonagh
Terri MacDonald
Samantha Marcus
Alan May
Rosie Mellows
Julia Newton             
Dawn Moore
Graham Morrison
Paul Owen
Colin Peter
Edward Petrie-Smith
Martin Preston
Jon Pryce
Alan Read
Michael Saunders
Mike Sawyer
Michael Shaw
Adam Sigmund
Jonny Steingold
Alison Streeter
Mark Taylor
Chris Tye
Rob Walker
Emma Webb
Sonya and Ryan Webb
Michael White
Ian Wilson
Kevin Woof