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Let the madness begin…

Welcome to Mad Wasp Radio blog. Various presenters and luminaries will be posting on here as and when time allows – that's actually code for when we can be arsed (only joking) but we really do promise to try our best!

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Please tune in on Sundays at 4pm, Mondays at 9pm and Fridays at 4pm to Subculture UK!
Subculture UK began life as a Podcast dedicated to the evolution of British subcultures emerging from post war Britain to the modern age.
Now on Mad Wasp Radio Subculture UK has evolved into much more than just a Subculture Podcast with show formats like “ Best of British” exploring the good and bad in British pop and urban Culture. “Time of your life," with special guests choosing their own personal playlist and describing what those songs mean to them” and “Back in the day ” A nostalgic trip into the past with TV themes, Music and adverts from days gone by. All served up with cheeky Banter from regular Presenter Danny Gray and stand up comedian Randy Spaniel pushing the limits beyond former boundaries of podcasting.
Whether you are a Ted, Mod, punk or even chav or just enjoy reminiscing then this is the show for you!


Feel privileged to be part of this ubercool radio station. Happy to play your requests on my Americana show.
If you enjoy the station please please please donate via the just giving page. Help keep us on air.