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The station with a sting in its tail!

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YOUR OPINiONS and questions

We would be delighted to hear any views or opinions you have of Mad Wasp Radio. Also if any have any questions you need answering then simply contact click here to contact us and we'll get right back to you.


How can I listen to Mad Wasp Radio?
There is a dedicated player on our Home page. There will also be a Mad Wasp Radio App available for both iPhone and Android devices. We will let you know when these are ready. Once we commence regular broadcasting, you will be able to listen to Mad Wasp Radio across all major platforms.

Can I have a show on Mad Wasp Radio?
Yes, of course. We are always interested in hearing from DJs, presenters, poets and comedians, especially if you feel that you have something a little bit 'different' to offer. A few of us here have been round the block once or twice (actually some have been round it more times than our local postman) but we are particularly keen to help nurture new talent and give them a chance to broadcast their talents on air. So, please feel free to send suggestions, showreels and/or work examples to us at

What will be happening with Mad Wasp Radio after the test weekend?
Once we have (quickly) taken in feedback and lessons learnt from the test weekend, we intend to begin broadcasting Mad Wasp Radio 24/7 as soon as we possibly can. Naturally, we need to plan and assemble enough shows, so there will potentially be some streaming in downtime but it is our avowed intention to have shows for you right around the clock.

How can I hear my favourite songs on Mad Wasp Radio?
While we don't have any out-and-out request shows on Mad Wasp Radio, we will always try to reflect what people want to listen to, so let us know! Some shows will have special themed segments for listeners' musical selections and you will also be able to vote for your favourite song, which will go towards creating our weekly Mad Wasp Chart show.